Synextra S.p.a. has operated in the environmental sector for over sixty years. Starting with collection, transport and treatment of paper and non-toxic waste, the company has progressively repositioned on municipal plastic selection and recovery, today the sole focus of the company

Since the outset, Synextra has implemented a long-term industrial approach to guarantee the highest quality standards and ensure high added value for its stakeholders, both public and private, by means of a management-model shaped on sustainable development and safety-and-quality of service.

For this purpose, Synextra mantains an outstanding Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, conforming to the following updated International Standards:

  • UNI ENI ISO 9001:2015
  • UNI ENI ISO 14001:2015
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Synextra partecipates in CE Regulation 1221/2009 and its update 1505/2017, thus gaining the EMAS registration. Along its Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, Synextra is committed to:

  • Ensuring compliance with existing legislation and specific permissions and regulations issued by the competent authorities in matters of environment, health and safety, and any other requirement;
  • Ensuring operational, environmental and safety control of its processes and services, with a focus on those activities that may generate potential spill-over effects on environment and people, preventing any pollution and accident through appropriate plant-management and organizational solutions;
  • Implement, whenever possible, technologies to reduce environmental impact and operational risks as well enforce best performances in terms of waste recovery and containment of emissions in environmental matrices;
  • Assess potential hazards related to work activities, activate preventative operational procedures and adequately inform internal and external staff in order to safeguard the workers and installations concerned;
  • Create a people-friendly working environment and involve employees to facilitate the sharing of growth and development goals while promoting training and professional development;
  • Ensure regular performance verification of quality, environment and safety management system in order to monitor the achievement and continuous improvement of business objectives, also in view of the business environment, the progress of the working program and the proper assessment and management of any non-compliance;
  • Perform its activities in full observance of the expectations of the stakeholders (resident population, administrative and audit authorities, workforce and shareholders), preventing non-conformities and properly communicating the results of its environmental policies;

This policy is released to all those working in the interest of the company (external consultants and staff, customers, suppliers, contractors and agency staff), and is available to the public and anyone who requests it in the download section of the site.