Synextra S.p.A. has been successfully operating in non-hazardous waste selection and valorization for over 60 years. From the beginning, the company has been inspired by a clear vision: to treat waste as secondary resources, while offering a complete range of environmental services that respond to the need for sustainable management of our planet’s resources. 

Today, Synextra S.p.A. has set itself the goal of providing recycling and reuse of plastic waste, while minimizing the disposal of non-reusable waste in landfills.

Since 2011, the company has been owned by a group of international investors led by Pioneer Point Partners LLP, a London based Private Equity operator specialized in the energy, environment, and sustainability sector, active throughout Europe.

Since its acquisition the Company has undergone a process of substantial investment in technology and management with the ambition of consolidating a leadership position on the waste plastic recovery and recycling market.

  • Recycling

  • Energy Recovery

  • Landfill

Data referred to 2020